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Are you an in-between drinker?

In-between drinkers fall in between those who need a traditional recovery program and those who can easily take or leave alcohol. They often struggle with negative consequences due to their drinking habits, even if they don’t fit the mold of a typical “problem drinker.”

In this book, you’ll discover

The Science of Habit Change

Understand the neuroscience behind alcohol cravings and habit formation, giving you the knowledge to break free from the cycle.

In-between Drinking Demystified

Gain insights into the unique challenges faced by in-between drinkers who don’t necessarily have an addiction but still experience negative consequences due to alcohol consumption.

Practical Strategies for Effortless Control

Learn powerful, science-backed techniques and medicines to help you gain control over your alcohol consumption without relying on willpower.

The Path to Personal Growth and Improvement

Uncover how taking control of your alcohol habits can lead to a more fulfilling, balanced, and optimized life.

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