Hi, I'm Mike Hardenbrook. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, with my wife, Priscilla, and our three children: Hailey, Andrew, and Carter.

I am a life-long entrepreneur, tech executive, and digital nomad. I have built several companies from zero to exit while traveling in Europe, Central America, and throughout the US in our RV.


My business journey

While completing my masters in 2004, I began selling on eBay. Diamonds, supplements, you name it. I decided I was better at selling than I was an employee. So I started my first company, Dental Destinations: an international dental inspection and quality assurance program. The company did well, and I eventually became an expert in digital marketing and selling those services.

Later I began teaching marketing to other businesses and built two educational platforms, Knowledgely and Growth Hacker TV. Subsequently, I was accepted into the prestigious Techstars program and raised 1.5M for my companies Growth Geeks and Workify, which I later sold. I'm currently the COO of Response Engine.

My story with alcohol

I had the typical college journey of parties and rebelling in my youth. Later in my young adult life and career, I began to question my relationship with alcohol. Did it have its place in my journey to be the best version of myself?

While I didn't have alcohol use disorder (AUD), I did have unhealthy habits that needed to be changed. I started researching neuroscience and habit formation and created a system to change my relationship with alcohol without relying on willpower alone.

My skills


I have extensive experience with company operations in all departments, including leadership, team building, procedures, and management.


Marketing and sales run in my blood. I have a proven track record of digital marketing in paid ads, outbound email, email marketing, and webinars.


I am the business end of a software company. I have the experience to build cutting-edge innovations and grow them in the marketplace.


How to change bad habits and form new ones is a passion of mine. I love using proven scientific methods to adapt to real life.

Breathwork & Cold Immersion

I have achieved 5+ minute breath holds practicing the Win Hof method. I also have been using cold immersion for its health benefits for over 20 years.

Psychedelic Research

Psychedelics have provided tremendous benefits to developing my emotional, spiritual, and overall wellness. I actively research and discuss these medicines.

MTB Racing

I'm a bicycle enthusiast and enjoy riding trails around the world. I have raced in several enduro competitions, including a first-place finish.


My greatest accomplishment in life is being a father. I enjoy them at all stages of youth. My mission is to teach them values, life skills, and unconditional love.

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