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Zero to Millions: The Cold Email "Hired Gun"

Hi, I'm Mike Hardenbrook. For the past decade, I have focused on cold email as a fundamental strategy for success. This hasn't just worked; it's paid dividends.

I've taken my own ventures from ground zero to millions, and I've propelled companies I've partnered with into the tens of millions.

I've had the honor of sharing my cold email strategies with major brands and advising Venture Capital portfolios.

Through features on FOX, Entrepreneur on Fire, NPR, and INC., I've built a reputation in the industry I'm proud of.  

Mike is a wonderful person and delivers influence that creates results that drives positive change.

Adam Contos, Fmr CEO at REMAX

How I Grew to 100k/mo Selling Simple Services

In 2015, we started with a bit of luck. We found a service that people really wanted, but that was just the start.

The bigger challenge was getting our message out there.

We tested everything – from old-school tactics to the latest digital hacks. After a lot of trial and error, we "cracked the code"

Leads started flowing, conversions skyrocketed, and our service? It became the talk of the town.

Now, I’m going to show you how to turn your services into a conversion machine. Think it’s impossible? I've been where you are, and I know the way out.

Below is a look at how our sales grew every quarter, all thanks to using cold emails.

It's Faster Than Ever to Get Started

Fast forward to today, after growing and eventually selling that business. I went on to help over 100 startups hit their financial targets, I've learned something important.

What a lot of hardworking business owners are missing is a steady and reliable way to make sales, and they get distracted by "shiny object" marketing tactics.

But the most tried-and-true method to sell more is simple, Email.

These days, you don't need to build complex tools for mass email delivery, thanks to two major changes:

Easily email software + the power of AI.

Welcome to the next evolution of cold outreach — where AI meets human connection.

This cutting-edge strategy, tailored for 2024, is the answer you've been seeking.

AI is Making it Easier

Leverage AI for Tailored Messaging: Learn how to use AI tools to craft emails that speak directly to the needs and desires of your prospects.
Scale Your Outreach without Losing the Personal Touch: Discover the secret to personalizing outreach on a massive scale without sacrificing the authentic connection that leads to sales.
Ditch Traditional Lead Gen: Break free from outdated lead generation methods. Our course shows you how to streamline your process and directly engage with decision-makers.
Close More Deals Consistently: Equip yourself with the knowledge to close 3-5 more deals every month, leveraging strategies that put you ahead of the competition.
Stay Ahead of Trends: With content new for 2024, you'll be at the forefront of marketing innovations, setting the standard in your industry.

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I've been helping businesses with marketing and sales for over 10 years. across 3 platforms.

4.88 out of 5 Rating

Mike's email system has helped us tremendously to add new acquisition and revenue streams.

Robbie Jack
Fmr CMO @TrueCoach

He has that critical mix of tenacity and creativity

Troy Henikoff
Program Manager @Techstars

Mike is a wonderful person and delivers influence that creates results that drives positive change.

Adam Contos

A Proven Path to Drive Predictable Sales

The Cost-Effecitve Way to Convert Sales

Cold email will transform your business with minimal budget. I've taken the same fundamentals I teach my clients and have tranferred them into a simple step-by-step system anyone can apply to their business.

Proven strategy to convert sales on a budget
Works for 99% of B2B offers
Anyone can learn, no coding or rocket science degree needed.

Skip the Lead Gen & Go Straight Making Sales

With cold email it's possible to tap into an unlimited amount of targeted leads (without a big budget or lot's of risk). You can build a scalable source to find buyers that are hot to buy

Access to millions of reputable lead sources
Automate the entire lead system (on a budget)
Find "search-mode" prospects that are looking for what you offer.

Write Emails People "Thank You" for Sending

When you do cold email the right way, people thank you for emailing them. It's very possible to learn exactly how to be a welcomed guest in peoples inboxes. Then turn those relationships into sales.

Write "welcomed emails" without having to be a copy gurua.
Get high open and response rates
Use email scripts, automations, and AI prompts to get consistent result - fast.

Leverage AI, Automate, and Scale

I'm not just talking ChatGPT. I'm going to show you how to leverage AI to automate, grow, and scale your campaigns.

Look over my shoulder at my exact tech set up and process
Access to AI Plug-in's and Formulas
Campaign Forecasting Widgets and Calculators
Limitless Leads
It's possible to have limitless and targeting leads dropped into your sending daily.
Automations + AI
Deliver the perfect message to those lead with AI and automations without every having to compose an email yourself.
Traffic & Conversion
Your lead will find the value you bring with personalized and targeted emails. The result, more calls and sales.
Scale & Automate
Every process of cold email can be automated, optimized, and scaled to save you time and effort.

Who is Cold Email for?

If you are selling b2b services and products, 99% of the time cold email will work for you.
Works For:
Agencies and Freelancers
Consultants and Coaches
B2B Services
Affiliate & Partner Recruitment
Doesn't Work
Consumer Products
Affiliates Sales
Looking for Quick Buck
Not Open to Learn a New Skill
Ready?Here's what to Expect with The Course.
Get ready for sessions packed with actionable, over-the-shoulder lessons.
Over-the-Shoulder Campaign Setup from Scratch
35+ Step-by-Step Video Lessons
AI Strategies New for 2024
AI Updates with New Tech

Widgets, Prompts, Calculators, Formulas, & Templates

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